Game Rule Information:
  • This will be a power level 5 game, with 75 hero points to build with.
  • In addition, as all characters will be members of the Systems Alliance Military, everyone has access to the following template for free, representing your Basic Training, Interstellar Duties Prep Courses, and Standard Issue equipment.
  • 2 ranks each in Drive, Survival, Climb, Swim
  • 4 ranks in Knowledge (Galactic Lore), Knowledge (Tactics), Notice
  • Low-G Training
  • Translation Implant (Comprehend, Limit: Council-space languages)
  • Equipment 8 (Generally used for Standard Issue equipment)
  • The tradeoff cap for att/dmg and def/toughness is +/-2.
Benefit: Military Rank and Vocational Rating

You are an officer of the Systems Alliance Military with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant or Chief Petty Officer. Each rank of Benefit earns you 1 promotion (max 3). In addition, your vocational rating is equal to 3+promotions.

Commissioned Ranks (Service / Naval traitional) NCO Ranks (Service / Marine traditional)
* 2nd Lieutenant / Ensign
* 1st Lieutenant / Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
* Staff Lieutenant / Lieutenant
* Lieutenant Commander
* Chief Petty Officer / Sergeant
* Staff Chief / Staff Sergeant
* Senior Chief Petty Officer / Gunnery Sergeant
* Master Chief Petty Officer / Master Sergeant

While the first rank title is official for both Naval and Marine officers, members of distinct branches often use more traditional titles as a matter of pride and respect.

Genre Enforcement: Armor: Protection and Force fields
  • The Impervious trait for Force Fields is limited to Fast Projectiles and costs 1 pp/2 ranks
  • The Impervious trait for Protection is limited to Slow Weapons, and costs 1 pp/2 ranks
    • Slow Weapons are: melee weapons and slow projectiles.

Systems Alliance military armor generally mixes both Protection and triggered Force Fields, with the Protection rating determining the type of armor: light (1-2), tactical (3-4), heavy (5-6).

Advanced versions armors include shields designed to deflect incoming projectiles away from the user and armor construction designed to offer extra protection against energy based hazards. These advanced armors require special training to fully utilize.

Damage Reduction: Especially advanced armors can provide near unlimited protection against damage that would normally bypass their shields or penetrate their protection, but even the most advanced versions of this technology can still become overloaded by damage.
  • This is the Impervious extra as written in M&M and applied to the Toughness save. This costs 1 pp/rank and is limited to 3 points for Equipment. Devices will have a cap based on their origins.
    • The Limited Impervious gained from Force Fields or Protection stack with Damage Reduction to a maximum of the campaign level limits.
Genre Enforcement: Devices and Equipment

Due to the widespread and easily produced nature of technology, many powers that would normally count as a Device (such as arrays of weapons or armor/clothing, or pieces of gear with multiple equipment functions) can be purchased as Equipment. Equipment feats can be upgraded to devices ranks by paying the difference in cost (normally 2 for easy to lose equipment, 3 for hard to lose) and justifying the upgrade (R&D contacts, $, Spectre gear, etc).

Because Equipment readily duplicates the basic nature of Devices, the minimum cost for full-quality Devices is 2pp/level. Drawbacks are allowed within reason.

Genre Friendly Discount:

Some powers are right at home in this setting. Writing up a background for yours can result in discounts. Talk to me about specifics.

After Action Reports:

After each completed mission, a short synopsis of the adventure for use in the Adventure Log is worth 1 additional Power Point.


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