Mass Effect: Repercussions

Orders... any time now...

The Systems Alliance Navy Needs You...

(6 Weeks Ago)

You are hereby ordered and required to report to Arcturus Station by the next available transport, there to report to Admiral Hackett.

Those were the orders; short and sweet. Hackett gave you the speil; it boils down to this: The geth are wreaking havoc on the colonies; Shepherd can’t take care of it all, especially now that he’s a Spectre. You are to be part of the alliances home grown response units.

(2 Weeks Ago, 2 days after Battle of Citadel)

For the past month, simulations and theory have been your life. From stealth insertions to grav-chute drops in a MAKO, agrarian conflict resolution to raider interdiction; you have had a crash course in dealing with it. Given the recent galactic disruptions after the Eden Prime incident, you are expecting legitimate tasking from Fifth Fleet…annny day now…



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