Mass Effect: Repercussions

I saw something you might be interested in...

water cooler talk at Arcturus Station

10 Days ago

Things are getting antsy. Something is going on with the Council. Shephard’s acceptance as a Spectre is stirring up anti-human sentiments. War is coming. The Alliance is going to secceed from Council protection.

The usual rumors. Of more interest is the arrival on station of the Omaha Beach, the second Normandy Class frigate off the line. Commander Shephard is making a big splash with his. Officially, it is not here; it is not yet part of the line and its command crew has yet to be decided. None of the crew have yet come ashore to share any juicy rumors. The grapevine is resounding with rumors about who’s going to be given command and when. Rear Admiral Mikhailovich is said to be chomping at the bit to deploy it to the scout flotilla, though Hackett hasn’t cut any orders yet.



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